Getting your blog noticed is the first step in making it worth while. But if you are struggling to get some traffic and the search engines are sending absolutely no-one, what can you do to start seeing visitors?

If you are just starting out with blogging, what are you going to do to make sure that you get your blog noticed? There are several tricks that you can be trying to get the first few visitors over to your blog and reading what you are saying and exactly what you do will depend on the type of blog.

For example, if you are a personal blog, then techniques that are more intimate and friendly are suitable. Whereas if your blog is running as part of a serious business, then you might have cash to invest in the blog traffic and need to use some more professional techniques.

Get Writing
The first thing to try, whether you are blogging for personal enjoyment or as part of a business, is to write up some of your best posts as articles and distribute them to the top article directories. Go for article directories that have genuine readers and some will start to see your articles and then call into your blog. I like EzineArticles for this.

Even if each article only produces a handful of visitors, if you can write a couple of articles per day the amount of visitors quickly builds up over the course of a week and there are also search engine benefits.

Pay Per Click
If you are desperate to get hits quickly, then maybe look into paid advertising such as Google’s Adsense. This is great for getting noticed quickly, but for a personal blog it could end up as quite an expensive scheme for insufficient reward, so I would recommend this is kept to the professional bloggers.

Guest Post On Other Sites
Rewrite your best posts. Review them and improve them and do it again! Make them the best possible posts you can and then ask some large traffic sites who accept guests writers if they will publish the articles you are sending to them. If they do, then their readers will see your best possible work and may be interested in reading more of what you have written and so follow your links back.

Write An Ebook
Usually an Ebook is a way of earning an income by selling it, but this doesn’t actually have to be the case. If your ebook makes a few references to your blog, for example where to get recent and updated information, then people reading the Ebook might become blog visitors.

To do this, take a few of your best posts and string them together into a small book, rewriting as much as necessary to make it coherent. Remember that you want the information contained in the Ebook to entice whoever reads it to visit your site.

Then you just have to distribute your work! You can mention it in forums and make it available to download from your blog, thus the people visit your blog to get it. But you can also tell everyone that they can distribute it for free. There are also various websites about that distribute free Ebooks, contact a few of these and see if they will include your book.

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Written by Keith Lunt, experienced blogger.

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