Finally, we have looked through many aspects of starting a new blog. In summary, we have seen:

What is a blog – what can you use a blog for? What exactly is a blog?

Starting A Blog
The free way to start a blog – how can you start a blog totally for free? What is needed and how can it be done?

The best blog tool to use – what tool should you be using to start your blog? The answer depends on your intentions!

Installing WordPress for a new blog – It’s my favourite blogging tool to use, so how do you install it?

Essential pluggins for your blog – what plugin are vital to the success of your blog, that you really cannot do without?

Customising the look of your new blog – make it look and feel your own. You do not want it the smae as every other blog out their.

Essential security changes – making your blog secure is vital to keep it safe. What can you be doing to protect it so that it runs happily for years to come?

Essential pages – what pages are needed in a blog? There are more than you might realise, or use. So check out this list.

Making Money Blogging
Earn money blogging – how can you earn money through your blog? There are loads of ways, here is just a taster! We’ll look at making money from a blog in more detail next month!

Getting More Blog Traffic
How to promote a blog – how can you get more traffic to a blog painlessly? Just building isn’t enough, you need to take actions.

RSS Feeds – What is RSS and why is it useful. Can it really help you to gain more visitors?

Mailing Lists – If you have RSS, why have mailing lists? They both work well together and both are needed. So, how do you run a mailing list for free?

Article Writing – Promoting your new blog through article writing for search engine optimisation and direct traffic.

Analyse Your Stats – by spending some time looking through your blog statistics you can increase the number of visitors to your site and the number of pages each is viewing.

Commenting For Traffic – the best ways to leave comments on other blogs to generate traffic.

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