One way of promoting your blog is to give it a mention in Twitter. But, how do you do that?
By Keith Lunt, ©

The first step is to set up a Twitter account, just for your blog. Unless you want to hijack your personal Twitter account and confuse followers, then a separate account is best.

Start Writing First
Now, start Tweeting. This is not exactly the quickest way to get going, but you are building slowly for better results rather than charging headlong into oblivion. You want a dozen or so Tweets on your account at least before you start trying to tempt people to follow you and you want these Tweets spread out over a week or so at least.

Tempt In Some Followers
Now, continue Tweeting and start trying to tempt people to follow you. Look for other people who are Tweeting relevant Tweets to your blog and follow them. You are hoping that they, or their followers, will follow you. For everyone who does follow you, be polite and follow them back.

Remove Those That Don’t Follow You
And then you have the rather ‘fun’ task of slowly unfollowing all of those that didn’t follow you. You can do this by adding all of those that are following you to a list, then deleting all those that you are following that do not appear in that list. Just delete the list before you next do the same and then you can easily pick up changes.

Although you can follow up to 2,000 at a time, if people see that you are following that many people but are only followed by 2 or 3, then they are going to ignore you. You have to keep the followers / following in balance. You will never do it exactly, but keep it looking reasonably balanced.

Keep At The Whole Process
Then you just need to keep following more people and Tweeting every day. It is having plenty of followers that gives your Tweets exposure and writing interesting Tweets that generate interest. So what are you going to Tweet?

Well every new post can be Tweeted. In fact, using some clever WordPress plugins (if you are blogging with WordPress) then this can be an automated process. But just a load of Tweets with links in will not get people interested. Use Twitter to converse with other users about the subject of your blog and add a few opinion Tweets every so often, again on the topic of your blog.

If you can be Tweeting a few times a day and making what you write look like more than just plugs for your blog then in no time at all you should have a wealth of followers and some extra traffic for your blog.

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