Are you looking at all of the voucher code websites that are on the internet and wondering how do they make money? Are you wondering if you could jump in too and earn some money? Well, it is very simple, when you know how.

In short, there are two types of voucher codes. There are those that you make money for directly and those that you don’t. This seems a stupid way to start off a discussion on how to make money through a voucher code website, but actually both types of codes have a vital role in your website and you have to know the difference.

Affiliate selling
So how do you make money from some of these voucher codes? Well you use something called affiliate selling. Here, you send your readers over to another person’s website, where they can make purchases of the goods that you are in some way recommending.

In return for sending your visitors over to their website, if the visitor goes on to make a purchase then you are paid a commission on that sale in return. Obviously, there is a lot of trust concerned with such a set-up in that the affiliate (who is sending the traffic) has to trust the merchant to correctly and fully track the visitors and pay the full commissions that are earned. But on the other side of this, it is in the merchant’s interests to pay the commissions fully to incentivise its affiliates to work harder and send more traffic.

Affiliate Directories
To make all of this system a lot easier to work with, most affiliate programs are controlled through large systems. You can sign up to two or three of these and get access to a whole load of merchants. And to add confidence to the set-up, the affiliate tracking is controlled by the system, not the merchant.

So what voucher code websites do is to provide a range of affiliate links to different merchants through major affiliate schemes. As they display relevant voucher codes the visitor then clicks the affiliate link and if they then make a purchase (possibly using the voucher code) then a commission is earned.

The Click To Reveal Question
The problem can be making sure that visitors do click on the affiliate link. A lot of people do not do this because they do not see why someone else should make a commission from them, even though they are happy to get the benefits of using the voucher code. This is the reason why some people prefer to use the click to reveal technique to make sure the link is used, but this is very unpopular in many circles.

Non Affiliate Vouchers
And what about those voucher codes that don’t make you money? Well these add to the mix and make sure that your site is different to other people’s websites. They give your visitors a reason to be there and although they don’t give you a direct income, they do give you better traffic stats.

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