It might at first seem an impossible task, but if you are blogging about your favourite sport you can still get paid to blog. How though?

Blogging about your favourite sports and pastimes might be easy at first. You can post about your favourite team, your own training and competitions, views on the league and so on. There can be an endless supply of content, but then like about a quarter of all bloggers you decide it is time to turn this past time into a small income. At this point it seems an impossible trick.

Paid to blog income
The simplest way would be to sign up to a paid to blog scheme and just post about anything. And with most schemes you would be doing just that. You could be being offered anything at all to post about, from funeral homes to metal roofing to cell culture (my genuine recent examples!).

These are fine if you do not mind upsetting readers and probably losing readers by blogging about totally off-topic subject, but paid to post is probably out of the question if you want to keep your blog totally on topic.

So, what is the way forward?

Pay Per Click Options
Well the simplest and easiest answer would be to sign up to Google Adsense and to drop 2 Paid Per Click advert blocks on to your blog (the maximum allowed is three, but many people, including myself, advocate just keeping to 2 blocks of adverts to prevent overloading with adverts). This puts relevant adverts onto your blog, but without huge traffic volumes there is probably not going to be a great income.

Along the same lines, if your blog has a half decent Page Rank there are various websites through which you can sell links from your blog. You can also sell links through SEO experts, but tracking them down can be a difficult task.

Affiliate Income
Probably the easiest way to earn an income is to promote affiliate schemes. However, this very much depends on whether your readers are from the same country as you as to whether it works well.

If there is a relevant major sporting event and a lot of your readers might be interested in attending, you can promote tickets through the affiliate scheme for the events. Or, sign up to an affiliate scheme that is offering ebooks to download (for example ClickBank) and push readers towards downloading and buying these ebooks, in return for a commission.

Of course, the last way and most simplest is that if you run a really useful blog is just to include a ‘donations’ button. Maybe offer to link back to people making donations. But if your readers find your site of value then they might be willing to make a donation via PayPal to help you fund your blog.

Therefore, the ideas we have for getting paid blogging about sports are general paid to post, PPC, affiliate schemes and just a kind hearted donations scheme.

Good luck!

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