Many people are interested in blogging for an income and there are many questions asked about it. Here I try to answer as many as I can for you!

If you are starting to blog and hoping to use this as an income, then you will be full of questions. Here are a few of those that I have seen and been asked the most!

Is blogging an income easy?
Yes and no! The actual blogging is easy and earning the money does not take that long, but you do need to put in the groundwork so that the blog is prepared.

Will I be able to make an income straight away?
Sadly, many bloggers think that as soon as you create a blog you will be able to make an income. This is far from the case. Advertisers are not just giving away their marketing budgets, they want something in return and you need to provide that.

What are you selling when you blog?
As a blogger, you are selling one, or both, of two things. First, exposure to your visitors. If you have hundreds of visitors per day and these are interested in the advertiser’s product, then this is a good advertising opportunity. Also, many advertisers are wanting to increase their search engine rankings, so if you have a good Page Rank, then that is another selling point.

What is Page Rank?
Page Rank is Google’s measure of the number of sites that are pointing to your website. The higher the ranking (from 0 to 10), the more sites you have linking to you and the more important they are. Therefore, the more important you are.

What is Alexa Ranking?
This is a measure of the number of visitors that are arriving on your site. Various widgets sample traffic and from these work out how many people visit your site. The lower the number, the higher your sampled traffic levels are.

Does a high Page Rank give a lot of visitors?
In the last week I have seen a site or Page Rank 5 with an Alexa Ranking of 7,200,000 ( I didn’t realise it went that high!) and a Page Rank 2 site with an Alexa Ranking of around 700,000. So no, Page Rank is just a measure of your inbound links.

How do I get a Page Rank?
Any links in to your site that are not hidden, for example with the rel=”nofollow” tag, count. So article writing, guest blogging, some blog comments and sharing on blog rolls can all increase the links in to your website. The higher the Page Rank on the site linking to you, the more you gain.

How do I increase visitors?
This is a big question! Writing articles will get some visitors and help you to increase your search engine optimisation, but you need to write plenty of fresh, unique content that is targeted to specific keywords and compliment this with inbound links to increase the search engine traffic.

Can paid blogging harm my blog?
Never say never. In my view, as long as there are not too many paid posts and you are writing plenty of content posts then the paid activities should only be a small part of your blog and then the search engines should not punish you.

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