InPostLinks (IPL) is part of the Izea family (along with PayPerPost, Sponsored Tweets, Sponzai, Social Spark etc). Some people make good money with it, others struggle. What’s the difference?

Well advertisers create opportunities and segment them, if they wish, For example by blog category, PageRank & country. They also set a price and a maximum number of completed opportunities.

Bloggers then pick up those opportunities that are of interest to them. You can do each opportunity only once (no matter how many blogs you have listed) and four opportunities per day per blog. And frequently, when you complete an opportunity, you are benched across all of your blogs for that advertiser for a short time (you are not allowed to use your blog to complete any more of their related opportunities). For each opportunity you do, you have to write around 200 words about the given link.

This means there are two ‘problem’ areas. First, you need to be in the group selected to be eligible. Second, you need to sign on quick and see the opportunity.

Simply by hanging around on the site all day long every day you will get more opportunities. The most popular (those with a half decent pay rate) can come and go within minutes.

After that, it is all down to falling into the chosen segment. You cannot do much about the country that you blog from, but choosing your blog category correctly can help (although most opportunities seem to go to all categories).

The only measure that you can really work on is your PageRank (which doesn’t update that often, if at all, these days). A higher PageRank will make you eligible for more opportunities.

And that is about it. Most opportunities on the system seem to want US bloggers with a high PageRank, who are willing to post 200 words for next to nothing.

If you are lucky though (good PageRank), you should be able to fight with the best and get plenty of work. But that seems to be the secret of success with IPL.

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