Many bloggers choose PayPerPost as their source of an income. But, many newcomers are struggling to earn and asking how to earn more. Well, read on!

The reason why so many people use PayPerPost (PPP) first and before other paid to blog schemes is also the major problem with the scheme. And that is that any blogger can join. Some bloggers will also sign up to PPP before they create their first blog.

Daft as this might seem, it happens, and then they ask why are they not earning. Well although it is a free marketplace, advertisers want something in return and you have to make sure that you are giving them exactly what they want. What’s more, give them what they want and you make your blog more attractive to the other paid to post systems that will vet you before setting you free on their system.

So, what’s needed? Well first of all a Google PageRank is the main driving factor in the system. With a grey bar or PR0 blog then you earn next to nothing per post. PR1 blogs earn more and PR2 even more and so on.

However, we have not (at the time of writing) seen a major PageRank update for over 7 months, so it looks like this measure has been retired, even though most paid blogging schemes use it as a basis for how much to pay per post written.

This lack of an update also means that you have very little control over what is going on with your blog, but there are other elements you can work on.

Hidden from bloggers is the Yahoo Back Links count (YBL). The more backlinks you have showing on Yahoo the higher you rank within your PageRank list. A relatively new blog will therefore be bottom of the PR0s. However, get plenty of backlinks and you go to the top of your group and there are advertisers that appreciate that a good YBL count counts for a lot.

The next thing to work on is a little contentious. Some agree that it is required, others say it is not needed. But, it does appear that themed blogs without too many paid posts do get a lot more opportunities than those that don’t look so good, are poorly written and full of paid content.

I know from my own collection of blogs that I get more opportunities (everything else being roughly equal) on those blogs that I write to often, but these slow down if I am too busy to write for long and too many paid posts appear.

And that is basically it, apart from set your prices realistically and make sure that your blog description reads well, in good English.

To summarise, work on the backlinks your blog has and add plenty of quality content along with the the paid content. Quite simple really, it just takes time and effort.

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