Your blog title says everything about you, but what makes a good title that will work and what makes a bad title that will scare people off? You might only have this one chance to get it right.
By Keith Lunt, ©

A good blog title will say everything about your blog. It will say what you are blogging about, what you are blogging for and who is your audience. A poor title will usually try to do too much and do nothing at all.

If you are running a corporate blog connected to your corporate website then your blog title is probably fairly well decided for you. It is going to be the name of your business. But most bloggers are not blogging about their business, either their blog is their business or the blog is a hobby. So, what pointers should you consider to finding a great blog title?

For a start, do not get carried away. I have seen far too many people who think that a good way to write a website URL is to string together a load of popular and relevant keywords. This technique used to get you more search engine visitors and still does with certain search engines, but for the bulk of searches it does not help much.

But, aside from not being a help, if you strung together a load of keywords and buy a URL based on them and then use that as your blog’s title, it can look a mess. Especially if you have to pad out the keywords with a few filler words to make sure that the title is actually readable.

It is far better to think about the subject that you are going to be blogging about and describe that. Think of it like naming a book and forget search engine spamming techniques. If your blog is going to be serious then the title needs to look serious. However, if you are writing with sarcasm and whit, then your title should instead imply your writing style to your readers.

In an ideal world, the best blog title will tell your readers everything about your blog before they come over to read it. Your blog’s title is there to appeal to readers, not search engines. You may be listing your blog on directories and in signatures, or people might see it through your avatars. They will see your title and immediately decide whether or not they want to visit your website.

There is no hard and fast rule that will produce your title for you, you just need to keep to the basic guidelines. And if you remember that you want to show your potential readers everything that your blog is about before they even come visiting, then you cannot go far wrong.

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