Do you want to increase your blog traffic? Have you been told that it is difficult work and think it will take weeks? Do you believe that in the time it takes you to read this article you can increase your traffic drastically? Read on for a surprise (and it costs nothing)!

Get More Search Engine Visitors
The easiest way to increase your website traffic for free is to increase your search engine traffic. To do this, you can increase your popularity with the search engines or you can increase the opportunities for the search engines to send you traffic.

In other words, if you increase the amount of content on your blog, then there are more chances of the search engines finding search terms that are relevant to searches people are currently making and therefore they are more likely to send you visitors.

Instantly Increase Your Search Engine Appeal
Great – but how do you increase your content by 3, 4 or even 20 times the current content? You can buy articles, pay for writers or upload general spammy content. But none of these are likely to give you that many benefits.

What you need is a way of increasing the content of your blog automatically, but through providing useful content that you have control of. And this is the simple trick. How can you generate multiple unique copies of your blog in minutes? The answer is staring you in the face, until you think about it.

Create Foreign Language Copies Of Your Posts
Have you ever considered translating your website? What if you could automatically generate copies of your website in French, Spanish, German and a host of other well used languages? It sounds far fetched and hard work.

But there are plugins available for WordPress that will do this automatically! I installed one of these a few weeks ago and it has gradually gone through my entire website and used translation tools to create copies of the pages in other languages. Each of these language pages are available on the site through pages with links to them, as per the other pages.

My Own Success Story
And now, the search engines have started to trawl the new pages and are even sending me traffic from searches in other languages! Currently there isn’t much foreign language traffic arriving on my blog, but it does account for about 10% of the search engine visitors.

The plugin I used took about 10 minutes to find, download and install and display as a widget on the side of the blog. 10 minutes’ work, and now about 10% more search engine visitors. Obviously, it takes time for the search engines to fully cache all of the new foreign language post pages, so this result could get even better over time.

I am sure that the translations are far from perfect, but if people are interested in the content, then I could still be providing the information that they need and they will get something out of it. Maybe they will become regular readers as well, which would be fantastic!

So, if you want to increase your blog traffic for free in the next 10 minutes, my tip for you is to grab a translation plugin and watch what happens!

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