Do you check your visitors reports daily? Can you be missing a huge traffic source? Read now why you should be checking your traffic logs daily to increase your website traffic!

My own experience
A couple of days ago I posted a quick new post to one of my blogs. It was nothing much, just a discussion on something that I had seen and it made me write a post that I had not previously planned. I very practically merely deleted the email that prompted it and got on with whatever I was doing.

Now, I am glad I wrote that post. Why? Well because I have been looking at my traffic reports and seen what has happened to my web site traffic since I posted that entry. In the days since that post was made, traffic has risen rapidly as more search engines have listed the post, with yesterday’s traffic round 4 times the level of the traffic for the days before that post was made.

What good does checking do?
But what is significant round checking traffic reports? Well, if I had not checked them, I would never have noticed how much traffic that one entry is attracting. I would not have seen how a lot of variations of a few keywords are now driving people to that web site. I may not have noticed that the post that was only a quick reaction to an event has not quadrupled by web site visitors in days.

By checking the web site traffic stats, I now that this one post has achieved for me what I have laboured long and hard for with other techniques – a huge rise in visitors.

How do we follow this up?
So what could I do? Well, now that I have identified the visitors spike and know exactly what the cause was, I might repeat it. In a day or two I could add a further post along the same lines, extending what I have already got.

Because I am checking my visitors statistics I have the knowledge of what is fetching the visitors to my website and what I need to do to keep it coming. That traffic may not be exactly what I was aiming for, but it is relevant visitors.

The power in the knowledge
Having the knowledge of what pages new traffic are finding on your web site and how they are finding them gives you the power to create more along those lines. It means that I might now take actions to write more posts along that theme that will drive yet more traffic in – perhaps another similar post will double the current visitors levels!

It also means I know what 75% of my visitors is interested in reading around and I might adjust my advertising and offers, if merely on that page, to suit them.

Check your stats today!
The knowledge of why people are visiting your web site is a great piece of marketing equipment. But, it is something that changes rapidly. If you don’t look after it, it is gone. So check those stats often to make sure you know where your visitors are coming to you from!

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