I am sure that plenty of people, like me, want to move the wp-config folder to a more secure and private directory to keep it out of the way of prying eyes.

And here it is not just hackers – maybe it would be best that other users with FTP access and so on should not see the contents and be able to change them.

However, all that WordPress allows you to do is to shove the config file up one level, e.g. from mysite.com/blog to mysite.com. Yes, it hides it, but does it really help?

So I have developed a little script here that can sort out the problem. For example, in my hosting there is a public directory into which the files are stored and a private directory that can only be accessed by FTP or from a call within a script from a relative path.

Now normally I’d call it simple by ‘../private/myscript.php’, however with WordPress we don’t know whether we are in the blog or deep in some convoluted file structure, for example /2011/march/28/ etc. So we have to work out how many directories into the site we are to give a relative path to the private directory.

So here’s what I did. I moved wp-config.php to my private directory and replaced it with this code. Just check your permissions to make sure that only you can read / write the file and everyone else can only execute it. There is also a check towards the end that the wp-config is being called from only our site, just in case a hacker gets clever there…

$found = substr_count($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'],’/');
$myroot = ”;
while ($i {$myroot .= ‘../’; $i++;}
$togo = array (‘http:’, ‘/’, ‘www.’);
$thisserver = str_replace($togo, ”, strtolower($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']) ) ;
if ($thisserver == ‘howtostartmyblog.com’)

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