Setting up an Adsense blog can be both fun and rewarding, as you earn from your venture. Get it right and you can be making a lot of cash. But, what is involved and what must you do to start earning this extra cash?

There are only four simple steps to creating an Adsense blog and they are:

1) Create a simple blog
2) Add Adsense to it
3) Start blogging
4) Promote your work

Create a simple blog
There are many free blog tools on the internet and if you are wanting to start a simple Adsense blog and it is your first venture into blogging, why not make everything as simple as possible and totally free? And for this just go over to and create an account there. Choose a name for your blog and you are up and running. If you are hapy to invest a bit of cash then purchasing your own domain name is a good idea, but that does not cost much.

Add Adsense
The whole key to an Adsense blog is the actual adverts and the reason for choosing Blogger is that you can add blogs with just a few simple clicks. Even signing up to Adsense is easy if you have not already done so through the links provided.

But don’t fall to the temptation of adding too many adverts. Two advertising blocks is sufficient in any blog – any more and your site can look like an advertising board, rather than a respectable website. But choose your advert areas carefully and place them where they will be seen easily.

Start blogging
You can’t have a blog without blogging so start writing! Pick a topic that you are confident about writing about and make sure that you are posting a few times per week. The more posts you have the more interest the search engines will take in your blog and the more chances there are of a search term matching something that you have already written about. So building a library of posts by adding a few a week is a good way to go.

Promote your blog
Once you have everything else sorted it is time to try to get search engine visitors, and other visitors, over to your website.

And the best way to do all of this is to start syndicating your content. You can use your best posts or write posts specifically for this purpose and then use tools to submit these posts as guest posts and submit them to the best article directories. Also try leaving sensible comments on other people’s blogs.

All of this is aimed at getting the readers on to your website for immediate traffic, whilst the links back to your website will help your search engine rankings.

So that’s it! Go over to Blogger and create a free blog; add an Adsense block or two to the site; start writing lots of interesting posts and get promoting your blog through guest blogging, blog commenting and writing articles. What could be simpler?

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