Fed up with the difficult and expensive methods of driving traffic to your blog? Do you want some alternative methods of traffic generation? Have a go at these.

Everyone is full of the ‘normal’ ways of getting traffic to your blog – expensive PPC adverts, banner adverts that probably result in very few visitors, popunders that people and so on. Maybe you are no search engine optimisation expert and hate writing articles and dread the idea of taking part in other people’s blogs. But getting traffic is still possible, if maybe at a lower rate than the traditional methods.

Why ‘Alternative?’

First, we are looking at alternative ways. Why are they alternative? Simple because they will work for some people, but not for everyone. They might not cost much, but then the returns are probably not going to drive huge volumes of traffic for every site. But because they don’t drive enough traffic to satisfy the needs of the big players, they are not that popular and not well established. That why they are alternative. They are not the most popular on the market. They are the hippy ways of marketing your site.

Use Your Car
So, do you drive a car? If so, do you advertise your blog here? You can arrange for a local printer to give you the stickers necessary to print your website address along the rear bumper. Then, when you are stuck in traffic or parked in public, you are advertising your blog.

Or if your car is parked in a public car park whilst you go to work, print a simple advert of your website addres on a sheet of A4 and put it in the window facing people walking past. A simple idea, but people’s curiosity will get the better of them and they will read the poster. You are not going to get thousands of visitors, but that is why it is an alternative method!

Business Cards
There are plenty of printers on the internet offering to print some free or low cost business cards for us. So why not order a batch and see what can be done? Stick them on the windows of cars in a car park or hand them out to passers by, if you have the patience. Do be careful though, there is a difference between handing them out and littering!

Crazy Videos
Do you have a video camera, or a video function on your phone? Then make a short film of yourself or your friends doing something outrageous. One of my customers made a film of a friend, painted in luminous paint, playing the drums in the dark. At the end of the video mention your blog address.

Then load the video to youtube and similar sites and start telling people about the daft video you have uploaded. Hopefully they will then show your video to other people and spread the word, so they will all see your advert.

Sporting Ideas
Finally, do you take part in any sports? Running, team sports or whatever? Could you print your blog address on the back of your top so that everyone sees it when you are out and about?

These are all ‘small’ ideas. But they don’t cost much and that is what makes them great alternative ideas.

Keith Lunt

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