Some people think that pre written Adsense blogs are a great money spinner. But to be honest, they are not and if you want to run a blog the easy way, you still can. Why are they so bad and what is the alternative?

You have probably seen plenty of the adverts offering you a complete blog with a variety of themes to choose from along with loads of content. It sounds like a great offer and an easy way to make some extra cash, but it is far from that. The main problem is that the content you are publishing is duplicate. You and loads of other blog owners are hosting the same material and the theme might even have a link back to the seller’s website, just to make sure they get the benefit of your work.

All of this duplicated content is picked up by the search engines and they quickly notice the plethora of blogs displaying the same articles. And when the search engines apply their filters, you are left without any traffic on your website. So, what is the alternative for the automated blog?

The alternative that works
Well you are left doing a lot of the work yourself, but even with an off the shelf package, that was still the case. In either case you are left trying to optimise the website and getting more traffic onto the website, the only difference is now you also need to provide some content.

But that is not all that difficult. There are plenty of systems that you can sign up to and be sent plenty of free guest posts to publish on your blog, maybe even automatically publishing them. Some systems will even send you multiple posts per day, so you quickly build up a huge stock of fresh content on a day by day basis.

And best of all, these posts are unique and written specially for your blog. You are not at risk of being found to be hosting duplicate content and the penalties that go with it. And all that these guest bloggers require is a couple of links back to their blog.

Why do they do this?
In return the guest bloggers want some “link juice” and maybe some traffic. They want to be placing their posts on blogs that have some sort of Google PageRank and some relevant traffic. So you really do need to build both of these to get the best results, but there are still guest blogging sites that will provide you with plenty of posts, for free, even if you are a brand new blog.

So do not pay for a pre written Adsense Blog. Just set up a simple WordPress site with a theme of your choice and then sign up to publish guest posts. Much more effective!

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