Making a voucher code website is straightforward, marvelous fun and can be a way of making a small amount of commissions – a large amount if you really work hard! Here is how to make a voucher code site straightforwardly and simply!

Build your web site the simple way!
If you want to make your discount code web site simply and easily, forget around DIY website building or getting a professionally built site. You need too a lot of features to make this work, so get blogging.

Whether you use Blogger, or some other blogging tool is up to you. You can decide how how technically confident you feel and what you want to do. Some pointers even if:

  • to help people follow your updates, make sure your choice provides a RSS feed
  • you should also Tweet your codes – with certain tools, as for instance WordPress, this might be automated
  • you need to be able to sign on and update regularly, if you will be adding posts in work, certain tools might be blocked by a firewall!

So, you have decided how to build the web site, now you need to go ahead and finish it. The easiest way is to look through the available free themes and designs until you find one that you like. It should only then be a few button presses to install and activate the new design. A few customisations, let’s say adding your website’s name and a message and you are successfully up and running!

Find the coupon codes
Where next? Well, you need the voucher codes. Plenty of affiliate schemes provide the coupon codes as feeds, but these will not feed into a site web site straightforwardly, plus if you only take the whole lot in one go, there will be a mass of new posts all at once.

It is better to wait until the email comes through from the merchant announcing new available voucher codes. When these arrive, add a post to your site. Be canny and either give the category or the tag as the merchant name, as this then puts navigation on every page of your weblog to all of the relevant coupon codes for that merchant. This helps visitors to navigate the website and helps search engines locate the codes and probably selection you.

Post the new codes
When the codes do appear in your inbox, have a quick look through them and create a new post. Put the merchant name and a brief summary of the discount code into the title. Keep it short and check the display of your RSS feed to make sure that the relevant information is showing.

Expand your reach!
Also, if you are using WordPress, grab one of the Twitter plugins that will automatically tweet for you. You might find similar tools elsewhere. What this will do is to post the title of your post straight to Twitter, along with a link to the actual post. This is spreading the reach of the coupon code and making it more prospective that people will stumble across your codes and visit your website.

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