Submitting your articles to 400+ article directories has great search engine benefits, but it does not always work as well as it should if you submit 400 identical articles. So how do we get about that?

Well, for a start, be very careful with this technique, do not over do it and do not use it on articles or reviews submitted to the very best article sites!

The first step is to rewrite your articles between article directory submissions. This is fabulous, but when you submit your new article to 30 websites in one go and 400+ directories in a second batch, then there is not the option to rewrite as you go.

For this reason I use MAS, which provides a thesaurus and makes suggestions as to what selected words can be changed to. Unfortunately, I have seen this techinque used to the extreme and even the titles of articles become totally unreadable, never mind the content of the piece. So be very careful when using this technique, read the output and check that it still makes sense. Go for correct English language articles rather than something that is totally changed, but absolute nonsense.

What tools for example MAS do is quite straightforward. Within your article you pick the words to change, or ‘spin’. This is then coded up and you paste the ‘spun’ version of the article into the system that you are submitting via. This system then randomly picks one option from each spin and should, therefore, even with hundreds of reprints, always end up with unique articles or reviews.

You could do this manually, but it it far quicker and more time efficient to use a tool. Merely check what it writes and post the original, not the spun version, to the best article sites!

Next, start blogging. If you do not already have a site on your site, get one. Then post copies of articles or reviews, chunks of articles or reviews or whatever, to your own blog. Sometimes I split articles down to post to my own websites and sometimes I join a couple together.

Why site even though? There are two reasons. First, you are constantly adding new, fresh content to your web site. Although you have a static web site, by blogging you have a constant flow of new content and search engines will see this and you get a huge boost. It is much better to have a fresh web site than a stale one when you are fighting for search engine visitors.

Second, if people are searching for what you talk about in your articles, then if you have them published on your web site they might just find your site and take an interest. A few make become subscribers to the website and eventually buyers.

Ultimately, you might also compile a collection of your posts into an ebook and either sell it to your traffic, offer it in return for signing up to a newsletter or give it away for several other reason.

Forget changing the code of your site, concentrate on what matters – get some articles or reviews written!

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