Is it worth you time and money running paid blog advertising? Can it help you blog, or is it money down the drain?

For many blog owners the desire for more traffic is always there. From the first handful of visitors to the jump to a regular 100 visitors a day, to 500 daily visitors and so on, always building the traffic. With traffic comes the pride of running a successful blog and the growing reputation. And if you are so inclined, the opportunity to earn more money through PPC, sponsored posts, banner advertising and many other schemes.

Advertising for websites is one way of getting more visitors directly to your site and if your blog is prepared and ready for these visitors, then there is a good chance that some will become regular subscribers.

When are there benefits of blog marketing?
So, is it ever worth paying for advertising to increase your blog’s exposure? A lot depends on your outlook. Are you making money from your blog? Are you just blogging for the fun of it? Would more followers increase the chance of you raising your income?

It also depends on your niche. If you are in a highly competitive niche then there is more chance of adverts returning you some cash, however advertising is going to cost more. Likewise in a hobby based blog advertising your blog might be cheap, but you have to be very imaginative as to how to get a return for your investment.

For the new blogger
For the new blogger, then especially if you can find some cheap advertising (or get hold of a voucher for free adwords advertising, for example), then you might be able to get your first solid visitors. You should only do this once you know for certain that your blog is running fully – your visitors will have a reason to want to come back and a method to do so. Without such preparation any advertising is certainly a waste of time.

But as a new blogger, seeing those first few visitors, especially regular visitors, can be important. More than just a way of increasing your return they can give you an audience to actually talk to, people that can reply back to your comments and a reason to keep writing your best possible work.

A few visitors through cheap paid schemes, especially if they become regular visitors, can be the inspiration to a bigger and better blog that a new blogger needs.

For the established blogger
For the existing blog, it very much depends on you, your budget and your desires. It might be that advertising can return a good profit, else it might be a waste of time. The only way to find out is to prepare your blog and give it a go with a small budget. Only then can you decide if advertising for your blog will be a benefit.

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